How to turn off read receipts on Instagram?

How to turn off read receipts on Instagram

Reading messages and not replying can cause strain on relationships, especially when they are aware you have read their messages. For instance, on WhatsApp, when someone reads your message and doesn’t reply, you start doubting. However, one doesn’t understand that an individual is busy and will reply later. So WhatsApp made it possible to turn off read recipients so that an individual won’t know you have read their messages. This move has received a positive response globally. So one might wonder what about Instagram read receipt? where you have created your empire by gaining massive amount of Instagram followers?

Tackling Instagram followers

When you have massive amount Instagram followers, you also have to interact with your audience. Sometimes you don’t have a response to what they ask or expect from you. In such cases, you would always wish to find a way to read DMs not just from the notification panel but on the DM itself. This would help engage, allowing you some time to research your audience and respond to their queries. However, keeping aside the engagement perspective, if you want to avoid socially awkward situations, turning off read recipients can come in handy to your rescue.

For instance, your friends have decided to go to a movie. However, you have no interest in the movie and want to read the messages so that they don’t know. In this way, you will get some time to think it over and not quickly make decisions. Many such incidents make turning off read recipients quite handy. However, one might wonder if there is a feature on Instagram like WhatsApp that allows you to turn off read recipients?

Unfortunately, Instagram has not released a feature that allows you to toggle off read receipts. However, the good news is that there are ways to mitigate this. You can read messages without the opposite party knowing you have read them on Instagram with some loopholes. Here are some recommended tips that will make you a DM pro.

1. Go Offline while reading messages

If you want to turn off read receipts on Instagram temporarily, this tactic will surely help you. For instance, this tactic works well if you are curious to read a message and want to read it without making the sender aware of it for a couple of hours or days. For this, you can first disconnect your mobile device from the Internet. Then you can read the message. After doing this, you can turn off background data on your device and avoid browsing Instagram. Hence, this workaround works temporarily and can be quite effective in tackling awkward situations or gaining extra time to prepare for the response.

2. Turn off Account Activity

For the previous step to succeed, you need to turn off the last seen on your Instagram. By navigating to Account Settings > Privacy > Activity Status, you can easily do this. Here you can easily turn off your account activity and get the freedom of scrolling Instagram without making your followers aware of your activity. This includes your last scene and the posts you like. Hence, you can create a safe bubble to spend time on Instagram and prevent others from tracking your activity. This will be quite helpful when used in addition to the first workaround as it doesn’t let the sender know your last scene. Hence, you don’t have an obligation to respond.

3. Notification Panel

This is a tactic you must have already been using. However, many don’t use this technique effectively. Reading messages from the notification panel allows you to get a gist of the message. You can completely view the message by long-pressing the notification. This will allow you to view messages without opening the application. If you have enabled browser notification on your PC, you can also view the message from notification windows; however, it works best when you have fewer notifications. Hence, ensure to view the previous notifications for this tactic to work well.

4. Toggling on Private Account setting

If you have a private account on Instagram, reading messages is quite easier, especially when you get a DM request. For instance, when a prospective follower tries contacting you on your DM, you see a message request and can read it without letting them know. However, there are limitations to this tactic as it only works for followers whose requests you haven’t accepted on your IG profile. Hence, when you want to avoid strangers sending DMs, this tactic works well, and they won’t even know if you’ve read the message.

5. Use of Airplane Mode

This tactic is a perfect workaround; however, it requires much work. Yes, it comes in handy for a permanent read receipts solution. Firstly, you will have to toggle on to the Airplane Mode on your mobile device. Next, ensure that it is disconnected from the Internet and not connected to Wi-Fi. Once you do this, read the message and force stop the application or log out from Instagram. You are in a safe space after this, and  you can prevent the sender from knowing you’ve read their messages:

Outgoing Thoughts

Well, these are only workarounds for temporary situations. Instagram needs to do something about this and is expected in future updates. It is likely to be a part of future updates. Instagram has a lot to work on but considering its journey since its launch; it holds immense potential to transform the world.