5 Unique Instagram reel ideas for marketing strategies

5 Unique Instagram reels ideas for marketing strategies

Instagram reels are meant to be attention-grabbing and short, and incorporating them into your Instagram content strategy can foster more engagement and deeper connections. As Instagram prioritizes this content format over Instagram stories, videos, feed posts, and carousels, it has become a great marketing tool.

However, it might be hard to brainstorm ideas for IG reels that feel true to your audience. So, if you need some inspiration or if you have hit a creative block, we are sharing 5 unique Instagram reel ideas to use for a successful Instagram marketing strategy in 2024. Read on!

Why you should have an Instagram reel marketing strategy?

Whether you are a brand or business, having the right Instagram marketing strategy 2024 for your Instagram reels can help you in many ways. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should have an Instagram reels marketing strategy as a brand:

It can help you reach a larger audience

Reels are featured with feed posts on the explore page. Brands that post the most engaging and creative reels improve their chances of getting featured on this page, where people discover new content. When your content is being seen by a larger audience, it will help you increase your online presence and play a key role in your Instagram success.

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes reels over feed posts. So, if your brand includes reels in your content calendar, you are more likely to land on this page. However, remember to post them at the right time when your followers are active on Instagram to expand reach and impressions. The best time to post reels on Instagram is between 9 AM and 12 PM on weekdays.

You can benefit from shopping features

Instagram is a great platform for e-commerce as it introduced various interactive shopping features in recent years that you can use as a brand regardless of your industry. Best of all, this platform is user-friendly, and you can use these features in your reels to convert your viewers into your customers.

In addition, you can link your reels to your shop’s items, which users can browse and buy without leaving the Instagram application.

You can represent your brand authentically

Instagram reels are a great feature to show your brand’s personality, but you should remember that don’t use them as ads. Come with unique reel ideas that represent your brand authentically and make your Instagram reels marketing strategy more successful. Your reels’ content should not be overly sales-y.

Instead, work on those Instagram reel ideas that are entertaining, humorous, and creative. Produce trending content, collaborate with other creators, and show your customers BTS footage or a sneak peek of your new product. Avoid creating business-like content too much and focus on producing more humanized content for your reels.

It can help you earn a higher engagement rate

TikTok became more popular after a few years of its launch, thanks to its short-form video format that caught the attention of the users. It has forced Instagram to come up with its own short video format to compete with TikTok. Instagram launched the reel feature, and its algorithm favored this content format over videos and images.

The Instagram reel length is up to 90 seconds, but shorter reels get more reel views. Brands can captivate their audience with engaging reels and earn more reel views, resulting in a higher engagement rate. If you are looking for the fastest way to get more views on your reels, you should buy Instagram Reel views or get free Instagram reel views.

It can improve the brand’s familiarity and likeability

Reels can be a great content format in the brand’s storytelling. People don’t want to watch content that is promotional and has no real people in it. Content with real people, emotions, thoughts, voices, and real faces can help you achieve your marketing goals faster.

If you share a reel in which your employees talk about any educational issues related to your industry, it can help you build trust and foster engagement. When users can interact with the humans who are behind your brand, they can easily relate to your brand.

Sharing reels can enhance your brand awareness and likeability by showcasing more dimensions of your brand compared to standard posts.

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5 Unique Instagram reel ideas for marketing strategies

There are many types of reels you can experiment with to leverage this feature, such as listicles, challenges, behind-the-scenes, lip-syncing trends, educational, before & after, funny, how-to tutorials, and more. Whether you are running out of Instagram reel ideas or need inspiration, here are some unique IG reel ideas for brands, businesses of all sizes, and solo content creators.

Share trending memes and social media bloopers Share trending memes and social media bloopers

Funny reels are one of the most watched reels on Instagram after creative reels. So why not share everyone’s favorite content in your reels? When it comes to funny Instagram reel ideas, making memes is probably the one that tops the charts.

Engaging your audience in a personal or fun way can help you leverage the true essence of this feature. Ditch the formal reel ideas and share something funny that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand.

For instance, you can make trending memes and add popular audio to give it an extra depth. You can also use a text-to-speech feature in your meme to enhance creativity. Don’t be afraid to share your social media bloopers with your audience to give them a dose of laughter. You can also share funny moments from your team conference.

Share the less-filtered side of your brand Share the less-filtered side of your brand

Instagram reels give you a chance to connect with your audience on a personal level. You always share the perfect picture of your brand with your audience, but sometimes, you need to come up with Instagram reel ideas that let you share the real side of your brand.

Sharing your brand’s less-filtered content helps you build authenticity, which plays a crucial role in your success on this platform. You can give a peek behind the curtains of your brand that shows the raw image, or you can share Instagram vs. reality video to capture the attention of your audience.

For example, if you run a coffee café, your audience already knows that you made Oscar-winning latte art on the coffee drinks — due to your stories and feed posts. But they might not know the hard work and barista skills behind creating pretty awesome coffee latte art. Show them through your reels.

Show your authenticity with user-generated content best time to post reels on Instagram

Authenticity is the name of the game on social media, and Instagram is no different. You should know how to show your authenticity through Instagram reels due to the potential opportunities this feature offers you.

People don’t want to see your product promotions more often; they want to see the intimate look of your brand or your brand’s community. With sharing a less-filtered side of your brand to boost authenticity, consider sharing user-generated content.

It gets your audience involved, which makes your content authentic, resulting in a higher engagement ratio. As it comes from actual customers, they will share your reels, which increases your reach automatically. You can reach out to nano-influencers to create short review videos for your products. You can also ask your followers to submit photos after receiving their order delivery and turn them into sideshow reels.

Showcase your authority through quick how-to & share expert advice Instagram marketing strategy

Showcasing your authority is also important to flourish on this platform, and Instagram reels are a great place to do so. There are tons of Instagram reel ideas to show your brand’s authority you can experiment with.

For example, you can give your customers a quick how-to guide that doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your product or brand. In the latte art example above, you can share a reel on an easy way to make latte art at home.

Similarly, you can share your expert advice on a particular topic within your niche. Say you are a solo content creator and your niche is interior design; you can share your expertise for modern house decoration. This will help you establish an authority in your niche and build a deeper connection with your audience.

Showcase your products in real-life scenarios Instagram marketing strategy 2023

If you’re strapped for creative Instagram reel ideas, showing your products in action is a great place to start. On Instagram, creative reels are one of the most watched types of reels. So, get creative and show your audience how they can use your product in plenty of ways.

Highlight your product’s best features and how it can solve their pain points. Show them why they should buy their products in a more creative way.

For example, if you are a clothing brand, record a reel in which the model is wearing the same outfit in different ways and walking around. Or you can share styling tips to make the same outfit look different. Pair them up with shoes and matching accessories. Write a call to action in your captions to encourage them to purchase your product.


Reels have become unarguably the most important part of Instagram marketing strategy. It is a great way to entertain, engage, and inspire your audience. Creating engaging and creative reels can help you grab people’s attention, expand your reach, improve brand visibility, and enhance engagement.

As a result, they could help you develop a connection with your audience, gain more followers, and increase sales for your brand. You can buy Instagram reel views to speed up the process.

So it’s high time to use the above-mentioned Instagram reel ideas in your marketing strategy and grow on Instagram organically. If you use Instagram reels every now and then and want to know how the reel algorithm works to use this feature more effectively, you might want to take a look at our latest blog post on ‘how the Instagram reels algorithm works in 2024.


1. Why and how should one use IG Reels to promote a brand or business?

The reel feature lets users create short and creative visual content that people watch the most on Instagram. When a user finds your video engaging, he may likely engage with it and land on your brand profile to check similar content, leading to more engagement, new followers, and increased brand visibility.

2. Are Instagram reels good for marketing?

Around 17.6 million hours of IG reels are watched every day, making it a powerful marketing tool to reach potential customers, increase brand awareness, and gain new customers.

3. How do you promote Instagram reels organically?

You can promote your reels organically by entertaining your audience with quality content, using relevant hashtags, hoping on trends, interacting with your audience through Q&A reels, using unique Instagram reel ideas to get viewers’ attention, and posting at the right time.

4. Who is the target audience for Instagram Reels?

This content format targets a diverse audience and appeals to people of all ages, but it is especially popular among millennials and Gen Z. So, you can say that the target audience for Instagram reels is a younger audience.

5. How do you get 100k views on reels?

Sharing reels on trending topics with relevant hashtags can help you get 100K views on reels. However, the fastest way to achieve this feat is to buy 1 million IG reel views. Expressfollowers.com is the best place to get 100K reel views safely and easily.

6. How do brands use Instagram reels to do digital marketing?

To use Instagram reels for digital marketing, focus on creating educational reels related to your brand or product. Share quick and useful tips and keep your content humorous to make use of reels for digital marketing.