How to get your first 20k followers on Instagram

how to get 20k instagram followers

All business profiles on Instagram want more followers. These followers are very useful in helping them grow their business, and they know the value of having them. Getting initial followers can be difficult, but you can get a lot more quickly when you get a few followers. This is because those followers that you have can get more people to your content, and you can continue to grow.

Buy followers

When you decide to grow your followers, then you will hear about buying Instagram followers. The only problem is that everyone has a different opinion on what you should do. The important thing is that when you buy instagram followers, you also have to get good content out as well. If you keep buying followers on instagram, then it would not make sense unless you actually start to work and get those followers some good content. If you keep trying to get followers by working on it, then it can take a long time to reach the first 20k followers, so it is best if you buy a few followers and then keep working on getting the best results. Make sure that you choose good companies to buy followers from otherwise, and it can put you in trouble.

Cross-promote on the forums and groups

You might want to promote your Instagram on Instagram itself, but not all people are on Instagram because they use other places are well. You can use this to get some growth. You can use social media groups and forums like Quora, Reddit, and Facebook. You can even use google analytics and be notified whenever any keyword is used. You can show these analytics in your posts on Instagram and use this to get more followers.

Improve your hashtags

Hashtags are very useful because it gets your posts to more people. The keywords that people search for can be used as hashtags, and this can make your posts get more people to them. First, look at the way that you are using hashtags and then figure out if it is a good idea to continue what you are doing or should you make some changes in the way that you use those hashtags. Some posts might need better hashtags, and you might have to use some better hashtags and make sure that you maximize the right hashtags to get the most out of them. Next, look at your competition and the way that other people use their hashtags and what makes them successful. You can use this to improve your hashtags as well.

Exchange endorsements

Just like how you are trying to make it on Instagram, there are many other businesses that are trying to do the same. You can do this as well and try and ask them to endure your products, and you can endorse their products as well. It might take time for you to find the right brand to work with because not every brand is good. However, you can still work quite easily once you get a good brand that has the same ideas as you do. It would be best if you find a company that is not in direct competition with you and they are in an unrelated sector. These companies can be difficult to find, but if you do it, then you might end up finding many different new customers through your other partner. To find a brand, you can look at your own followers as well because you might find someone good there.

Link IGTV videos

Sometimes, brands might just focus on posts and stories, but it would be good if you use live videos and IGTV as well. IGTV is made for people to do more longer videos. You can use that to show product demos and many other things, and this can help people get to know more about your products. Many times people might want to look at videos of a product rather than pictures. Unboxings are a great thing that you can go on your videos to let people know about your products. Customers will also interact on social media, and you can learn about your products and how people like your products. You can even use feedback to improve your existing products and decide which new products you want to bring to the market.

Promote the highlights of your story

When you put up stories, then people can learn a lot about your company. However, stories stay on for 24 hours, and then they go, so it is best if you make highlights for the best stories because when people visit your profile, then they would want to look at some stories, and people can learn more about your company through these stories. Even your older customers might miss your stories, and you can use the highlights to make them available for them to see. Your followers can even send these stories to other people, and this can be good because there is more content that people can use and send to others. This can give you more popularity.


With hard work and being smart, you can easily get to 20k followers on Instagram, and you can grow even more. You have to put out good content as this can help you grow because people will start to like the content that you put out, and they will want to follow you. You can also choose to buy followers because you can get over a lot of the initial time and work that it would take to grow a channel. If you want to grow your following for yourself or your brand, it can be good to buy followers because that can put you ahead of your competition. It is best if you use the tools that Instagram has to your advantage. Use the hashtags and IGTV options because that can help with your content reaching a lot more people.