Discover the Trend of New Launched Instagram Stickers

Newly Launched Instagram Stickers

Instagram launched a fresh pack of stickers to boost engagement and creativity in Stories. The Reveal Sticker lets you hide content, the Cutouts Sticker lets you make custom stickers, and the Music Sticker allows collaborative playlists. Use hashtags and explore trending Stories to find inspiration for using these new Instagram stickers.

Are you feeling a little “been there, done that” with your usual Instagram Story routine? We get you. Sometimes, even the most creative minds need a spark. But worry not because now there are some new ways to make your IG Stories stand out. The platform just launched a bunch of awesome new Instagram stickers, and we’re here to show you how to use them to take your stories from “meh” to “wow”.

Instagram Stickers: The Key to Engagement

Think of your Instagram story as a blank canvas. It’s a world you create to show off your mood and try to have a conversation with your IG followers. But, sometimes it needs a little extra touch to be effective. That’s where Instagram stickers step in.

They’re a fun and interactive way to add personality, information, and get free instagram likes to your Stories. From classic polls and location tags to question boxes and countdowns, there’s a sticker for practically everything. You will be amazed to know that in one month 61% of Instagram users posted the Support Small Business Sticker in their stories.

The New Launched Instagram Stickers

The New Launched Instagram Stickers

On 3 May 2024, Instagram just upped its level with a fresh batch of stickers designed to explode your engagement and ignite your inner creative genius. Let’s learn about these exciting newcomers:

Reveal Sticker

This sticker is all about the mystery. Want to tease your viewers with a hidden gem? Tap on the Reveal sticker and blur out a part of your photo or video. Only those who send you a DM get to discover the secret. It’s a surefire way to spark curiosity and get your inboxes pinging.

Cutouts Sticker

Ever wanted to put YOUR face on the Mona Lisa, or turn your pet into a superhero?  The Cutouts sticker lets you do just that! Simply choose a photo from your camera roll, trace around the object you want to cut out, and there you go, you have a custom sticker to add flair to your Stories.

Nike created custom Air Max-themed stickers that users could add to their Instagram stories. These stickers featured iconic Air Max designs, themes, and slogans. It helped them build excitement around their product and eventually increased sales to around 14.5%. 

Instagram Music Sticker

Attention all the Music lovers! This sticker is your ticket to a collaborative symphony. Share your favorite song and invite your followers to add their tunes. It’s the perfect way to discover new music, bond over shared tastes, and create a combined playlist.

The Roof Sky is a famous restaurant that wanted to increase engagement with its Instagram account, particularly among its target demographic of young adults. (18-25). They used instagram music stickers in their promotional stories which helped them create a more dynamic and youthful brand image for the restaurant, attracting their target customers and increasing their bookings upto 22%.

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Frames Sticker

Wanna have nostalgia? The Frames sticker instantly transforms your photos into classic Polaroid frames, complete with that vintage vibe. Want to add a touch of interactivity? Enable the “shake to reveal” effect and watch your viewers giggle as they unlock the hidden picture. Such appealing stories can also help in increasing your IG profile views by 25% to 30%.

How to Add Stickers to Photo in Story?

How to Add Stickers to Photo in Story

 Now, you must be excited to add stickers to your stories. So, here’s the lowdown on how to add stickers to photos in IG stories:

  • Upload a Picture to your IG story
  • Tap the Sticker Button
  • Use the Sticker you want to add
  • Drag it and Drop it where you want to place it
  • Use two thumbs to pinch or expand the sticker to the desired size
  • Finish creating your Story and post 

How to Add Your Own Sticker(Cutout Sticker) to IG Story?

As already mentioned with the help of cutout stickers you can create your own stickers. To add your own sticker to IG stories, you can follow these easy steps;

  • Upload a picture or video to your Instagram story
  • In your Photos app, select the image you want to use as a sticker
  • Select the Share button in the bottom left corner
  • Select Copy Photo
  • Switch back to the Instagram app and an ad sticker feature will pop up in the bottom left corner
  • Select In Place anywhere you like
  • Resize it and orient it however you want

Why can’t I use Instagram stickers?

There might be a couple of reasons why you’re not seeing all the sticker magic your friends are raving about.

  • App Version – Ensure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version. It is possible that you are not able to access Instagram stickers due to an outdated app version.
  • Sticker Unavailability – Some sticker features might not be available in all regions due to local regulations. You can try using a VPN to get access to such location-limited stickers.
  • Post Type – You can use Instagram stickers in stories and reels but not in static posts. Check your content type before adding stickers on Instagram.

How to Find Trending Stickers on Instagram?

Feeling a creative block on the page of the IG story? No worries, we got your back. Here are some cool tricks to discover trending stickers and get inspired. 

Explore Your Friends’ Stories

Think of your friends as your personal trendspotters. Head over to the Stories section and browse through your squad’s creations. Notice any stickers popping up everywhere? Chances are, you’ve stumbled upon a trending gem. Now, don’t be shy, slide into their DMs and ask what sticker they’re using. 

Leverage the Search Bar

The search bar on Instagram isn’t just for finding friends anymore. Type in keywords related to what’s trending or popular hashtags. For example, if music is all the focus, try searching for “music stickers” or “#newmusic.” You might discover hidden sticker gems or even spark inspiration for your own creative spin.

Befriend the Instagram “Add Yours” Sticker

Are you wondering how to find trending “Add Yours” stickers on Instagram? The “Add Yours” sticker is a goldmine for trending topics. When you see one in a friend’s story, tap on it!  This will show you a collection of stories using the same prompt, giving you a glimpse into what’s capturing everyone’s attention. An average of “Add Yours” stickers get reshared by at least 3k to 5k users. Imagine the amount of engagement this sticker holds. Now, add your own twist to the trend and see how many people join in!

Friend Trendsetting Accounts

Follow popular creators, brands, or influencers in your niche. These accounts are often the first to jump on new trends, and their stories will be a treasure trove of hot sticker finds.  Plus, you might even pick up some storytelling tips along the way.

Browse trending Stories

Tap the “Explore” tab at the bottom of your screen and check out the trending Stories section. These Stories often feature creative uses of stickers that you can adapt for your own content. It can also lead you to get free instagram views.

Tips for Brands to Use New Instagram Stickers for Promotion

Let’s see how brands can make great use of these new Instagram stickers to promote themselves and build a strong brand image:

Choose the Right Sticker for the Purpose

Select the right sticker at the right moment to make your story more effective. Here are some type of stickers and the right purpose to make the most use of them:

Type of Stickers


Countdown Stickers

Generate Excitement 

Polls and Questions Stickers

Get Feedback

Shop Now Stickers

To Drive Sales

Location Stickers

Increase Brand Awareness
Emoji Slide Stickers

Improve Engagement

Keep it Visually Appealing

Stickers should enhance your story, not overwhelm it. Maintain a clean and balanced layout. Choose stickers that complement your brand’s color palette for a cohesive look. This will attract your audience and eventually increase your story views by at least 50%.

Stay Updated

Instagram frequently rolls out new stickers. Stay updated to leverage the latest features for promotions. See how other brands are creatively using new stickers to get inspiration for your campaigns. Using trendy stickers in your reels can lead you to increase reel views on Instagram.

Ready to Enhance Your Story with Instagram Stickers?

We hope you enjoyed learning about the new Instagram stickers in this blog. These creative tools help improve user engagement and enable you to convey your thoughts while interacting with your target market on the platform.

So go ahead and try out these cool things today and don’t be afraid to show off your imagination. You should always remember that truly interesting stickers are typically those that provide lots of entertainment as well as involve an element of surprise or a personal touch.

People Also Ask

1 . How to find prompts on Instagram?

To find IG story IG story prompts you need to follow these steps. Open the Instagram app >> Go to the Sticker Tool >> Select Add Your from Menu >> Type in a prompt >> Tap Done in the top right

2. Can you download Instagram stickers?

Yes, you can download Instagram stickers from external sources, such as sticker packs on your keyboard, or by creating your own stickers. 

3. Why do stickers disappear on Instagram?

If you’re not seeing certain stickers on Instagram, make sure your app is updated to the latest version. Also, keep in mind that not all stickers are available to everyone or available for reels

4. How do you copy stickers from Instagram stories?

To copy stickers from Instagram stories, you can follow these steps. Select the Sticker you want to use >>Tap the icon in the bottom left >> Select Copy photo >> Go back to Instagram >> button will appear, prompting you to copy your digital sticker >> Select Paste