Vibe Up Your Bio With Add Music to Instagram Profile Feature

Add Music to Instagram Profile Feature

Did you know that your favorite music is the reflection of your inner self and personality? No we’re not kidding! Many psychological researches have concluded that music can actually re-wire your brain and even trigger your memories and emotions associated with that particular song.

Wouldn’t it be cool if social media applications allowed their users to share their favorite songs on their social profiles and show the world your unique music taste? Guess what? After a series of teasers and leaks by Alessandro Paluzzi (the official tech leaker of the update), IG has finally rolled out a similar feature that allows users to add an Instagram Profile song.

If you’ve already received the update, then you’ve landed at the right place because in this blog, we’ll be covering everything about the update and teach you how to add music to your Instagram profile to get more Instagram views and foster organic growth on the platform.

Add Music to Instagram Profile – What’s so special about it?

There has never been any social media application that lets their users choose and put music to their profile dashboards. However, Instagram has finally broken the norms and has come up with its latest feature allowing users to add music to their Instagram profiles.

If you’re an OG social media user then you might remember a social media forum app called ‘My Space’ that truly changed the landscape of social media and connected melomaniacs from around the world in the early 2000’s from 2003 to 2009. Being a music-oriented social media application, ‘My Space’ became the first and only application that had the feature to allow its users to add music and their profiles. Now that My Space is not in the picture anymore, Instagram stands as the only application that has a similar feature.

How to add Music to Instagram profile: A step-by-step guide?

So you’ve finally received the bio music update? Guess it’s time to choose a song and put it on your profile. Oh Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it here’s how you can add music to your profile for that perfect profile optimization:

  • Navigate to your profile and tap the ‘edit profile’ option.
  • Scroll down and click on ‘IG Music’ to choose a song to put on your profile
  • Search and select any music of your choice and trim the exact part that you want your profile visitors to listen to
  • Hit done once you’re done and your music will be added to your IG profile

Benefits of adding music to Instagram profile

While many might think that the feature adds no value to the platform or the quality of usage, many have realized that it’s not just a mere feature but an upgrade to the overall user experience. Here’s everything that the ‘add music to IG profile feature’ is bringing to the table:

  • Hook Your Visitors

Now’s the time when you can actually show the world how cool your taste in music is. As a creator or even an individual, adding music can be a great way to hook any new visitors that might end up on your profiles and make them spend a little more time on your profile.

  • Setting the tone and energy

Music is the best way to set the tone and energy of an environment and it’s the same when it comes to judging a person’s energy and personality. As an IG user, the feature can be very useful in telling your audience about your vibe and the energy you carry.

It won’t even matter if you’re an introvert who loves slow melodies or if you’re an outgoing person who loves upbeats. Show it off with the IG profile music.

  • Establishing a connection with the audience

Music artists and lesser-known artists can leverage the feature to promote their music and establish a connection with their audience. Even established creators can put their favorite songs on their profiles and hook their audience and increase their Instagram profile views.

Vibe Up Your Bio With Add Music to Instagram Profile Feature

Best music genres for different types of Instagram users

Music connects people, brings them closer, and has even formed communities historically. However, music taste can be very subjective and every other personality can like a different music genre.

So if you’re still trying to figure out what type of music you should put on your profile then you can refer to the list we’ve curated with our experts:

  • Indie: Are you an introverted, intellectual, or creative person or maybe have a little less motivation for hard work? Well, in that case, you should definitely try out the indie genre
  • Upbeats: Are you a social butterfly with no hesitations and an outgoing personality with a pinch of high self-esteem? Oh boy! You’re going to love those upbeat songs
  • Rock and Heavy Metal: Aren’t you a gentle and loving soul? What can we say? You must have a knack for rock and heavy metal music don’t you?
  • Country: Do you find yourself as a creative, conventional, conservative but a very hard working personality? Well, country music is your way to go!

How to find trending audio for reels, notes, and IG profiles?

Music and audios have become an integral part of Instagram’s platform. However, not everyone knows that not every music works on Instagram. The latest statistics show that over 83% of Instagram reel viewers have their audios off when they watch IG reels however, many reels still end up going viral on the platform, but how?

Well, there’s a section of music that has all the Instagram trends that can be leveraged to get more views on Instagram, boost your reach significantly, and soar your followers like never before. One such element is the trending audios that has been regulating and shaping the hidden world of     .

As per recent studies, over 42% of Instagram users listen to the top genres of music while 37% believe that Instagram is setting up music trends. Utilizing trending audios can not only help you reach a whole lot of audiences but can also provide you with algorithmic leverage to help you boom on the platform. So here’s how you can find and use trending audios if you want to make the most out of them and grow your profile:

  1. You can find trending audios by scrolling through your reels and looking for the trending icon to identify all the audios that are blooming around the platform. Make sure you bookmark and save such audios so you can use them later.
  2. You can also follow trending accounts and trending music update-related profiles to stay updated with all the music that’s trending at the moment. Moreover, you can also comprar views Instagram to increase your impressions and reach by multiple folds on the platform.
  3. Browsing through Instagram weekly and overall trend reports can also be a great option to identify and use trending audios.

Parting Words

The add music to profile feature has truly put Instagram ahead of its competition making it the only application to have the feature today. With the potential to increase a profile’s visibility, organic reach, and ability to hook and hold profile visitors, the feature is definitely going to add new tactics in the world of Instagram growth and marketing.

This blog has covered everything that you need to know about the feature and we’re sure that you are ready to blast some music into your visitors’ ears. So go put your favorite songs on your IG bios and show your music taste off.

People Also Ask

  • Why Instagram music is not available?

IG never provides a crystal cut reasoning but most of the times, if a particular audio or music is not available on your Instagram profile then it’s very likely that the audio you’re looking for is unavailable in your region or has been taken down by the original artist.

  • Why can’t I add music to my Instagram profile?

Adding music to the IG profile is a relatively new feature and hasn’t rolled out for everyone yet. So if you can’t find the feature on your IG profile then it’s very likely that your profile hasn’t received the update yet. In this case, you can wait for some time until you receive the update and show off your gatekept melodies.

  • Is it necessary to create a music bio for Instagram?

Your Instagram bio is supposed to tell your profile visitors an overview of your overall profile. So it’s completely up to you if you want to add any track to your bio. Either way, it’s just for mere decoration and won’t affect your account in any way.