How to Use Instagram Algorithm for Instagram Reel Views

Instagram reel views

Studies show that Instagram reels get 67% more engagement compared to videos on Instagram and around 2.35 billion people interact with them every month. These numbers are not surprising, after all, it is the most-liked type of content on the platform. With Instagram reel features, users can show their creative side to the world in a short video format. But you might be wondering how Instagram counts reel views and how to increase Instagram reel views. Wonder no more because we are going to discuss how the Instagram algorithm works to count Insta reel views and much more. Let’s dig deep into it!

What are Instagram reels?

TikTok is one of those social media apps where most social media users spend their time due to its short-form video format. Instagram took notice of this short-video craze and introduced its reel feature to get its share in the short-form video market. The launch of the reel feature created a new way to entertain audiences with short-form videos on Instagram. Reels invite users to create entertaining and fun videos to share with your audience or friends. Users can record and edit up to 90-second-long videos and share them with their audiences. This feature also allows you to add trending sounds, filters, and audio effects, which increases its impact.

How does Instagram count reel views?

The Instagram reel is the most-used feature, and the Instagram reel views offer various benefits, including greater engagement and organic account growth. When a user views Instagram reels for about 3 seconds, Instagram counts it as a view. If the same user views your reel repeatedly or in a loop, it is also a view count on the IG reel.

The Significance of View Count on Instagram Reels

Reels are the most watched content on Instagram, thanks to a variety of creative features that users can add to make it more creative and interactive. So, it’s no surprise that content creators and brands use this format to achieve their goals. A higher view count on reels can have a great impact on the content strategy and can help you get more followers, engagement, and brand awareness. It is a powerful tool for increasing brand trust, reaching more people, and advancing your engagement metrics. Let’s dig deep into the significance of view count on IG reels:

Increase follower count

When you have more views on Instagram reels, chances are you will get featured on the most coveted space of this platform– the Explore page. Getting featured on this page means more followers, more engagement, and more popularity on Instagram because around 50% of people discover new content on this page monthly.

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Enhance engagement rate

Reels are Instagram’s most-used content format that drives more engagement. Posting more reels can help you gain more new IG likes, shares, and comments than posting standard videos on your profile. You can get free Instagram reel views to fuel up your engagement rate and achieve your goals faster.

Increase brand trust

When more and more people watch your content, it will result in more engagement, which serves as social proof. It sends a positive signal to your audience that your brand is trustworthy.

How does the Instagram Reels algorithm work?

Instagram notices what type of content you usually engage with and shows you similar content in your feeds. Instagram algorithm determines which reel is served up to which user. In your main feed, you will see the reels from the IG account you follow on Instagram. But you can discover and view Instagram reels from other brands and content creators in the Explore tab and the Reels tab. 

By tapping the reels icon, you can see the feeds of IG reels that the platform’s algorithm serves up. Similarly, you can also discover Instagram reels on the Explore tab alongside stories and posts that are selected by the algorithm.

Factors that can affect your Instagram reel views

Instagram reel views count

You have read that Instagram counts a view on the reel when someone watches your content for 3 seconds or more. There are some factors that can affect the view count a reel receives.  

Your follower’s count: An account on Instagram will likely get more views on its reels if it has hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

Highly engaged audience: If your followers get engaged with your content and leave meaningful comments on your reels, it will significantly boost your number of reel views

Content quality: The quality of your reels is another factor that can affect your reel’s view count. High-quality content gets more eyeballs compared to content that is low in quality.  

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How to use IG algorithm to increase Insta reel view?

Pay attention to the following tips if you want to produce reel content that Instagram likes and push your reels forward to the reels tab or the Explore page. Platform algorithm likes reels with these characteristics:

  • Share entertaining and fun content that makes your audience laugh, capture their attention, or has a twist or surprise. Content that delights the people always ranks better and helps you gain more views on your reels.
  • Sharing something inspiring or starting a trend that encourages others to participate in it. 
  • Get creative and use camera effects, text, filters, or other creative tools.
  • Make vertical video to make your reel immersive.
  • Add music or trending sounds from the IG music library in your reels.

What to avoid to succeed with algorithm?

If your goal is to reach more people, increase your view count or your number of followers, you need to avoid the following aspects:

    • Don’t record low-resolution or blurry videos. Even a video recorded with a watermark doesn’t perform well. Use the editing tool that doesn’t leave a logo or watermark.
    • Don’t upload a reel with a broader around it. It will not grab the attention of your audience and lose position in the ranking. 
    • Don’t post anything related to political issues because the platform penalizes such content. Or avoid uploading anything on behalf of any political figure.
  • Avoid sharing content that doesn’t meet the platform’s community guidelines

How to Increase Instagram reel view count?

How to Increase Instagram reel view count

On Instagram, people love funny and engaging bite-sized content, and Instagram reels are what people exactly want to see. You need to have plenty of views on Instagram reels by taking advantage of this feature, and unfortunately, it is not as easy as you think. It takes time and a lot of effort. That’s why people choose to buy Instagram reel views. There are some organic ways to boost your Instagram reel view count and help you increase your online presence on this platform.   

Use relevant hashtags and attention-grabbing captions

When your goal is to increase the Insta reel view, your post captions should be creative and engaging. Provide some reel context in your captions. Instagram allows you to write up to 2200 characters in your reel’s caption but keep it concise, especially if you create content for entertainment purposes.

Don’t repost TikTok videos as reels

Instagram reel feature is a TikTok dupe, but it doesn’t mean you share the same stuff on Instagram because recycled content isn’t well received by Instagram users. TikTok videos come with a watermark that makes your reel less discoverable in the reels tab and makes it less engaging for your audience.    

Keep up with trends

Trends are temporary on all social media platforms, but they can potentially make your content viral. So, it is essential to keep up with reel trends and create content on trending topics. This will help increase your chances of getting discovered. The Instagram algorithm ranks fresh content as compared to older reels. People scroll through the Explore page and reels tab to watch new content and check creators’ profiles to see what they have shared on the latest trends. 

Ensure to produce quality content

Whether your goal is to increase reel views on Instagram or grow your following count, you need to ensure that you always produce quality content. There are many factors that the algorithm takes into account to determine whether to push your reels forward to the reels tab or not. These factors include quality video, sticking to recommended video resolution, and great video shooting. Lighting plays a crucial role in film reels. Use window light and cool tones when shooting your video to increase the Insta reel view.

Respond to comments

Responding to the comments is a foolproof way to engage your audience and increase your Instagram reel view count. Instagram allows you to answer a comment with another reel. Isn’t it exciting? 

This way, you can turn your reel’s comment into a sticker and add it to your reel. Answering your audience with a reel makes your response more interesting, engages more users with your reel, and racks up more views on Instagram reels. It will also increase brand awareness, which leads to more brand growth.  

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Higher Instagram reel views serve as a thermometer of engagement, popularity, and success on Instagram. Users can unlock the potential of Instagram and increase their online presence with a clear understanding of how Instagram counts reel views and how its reel algorithm works. Remember, posting quality content, engaging with your audience, keeping up with trends, and strategic use of relevant hashtags play an important role in driving more views on Instagram reels and maximizing audience reach. Furthermore, you can buy Instagram reel views to launch faster account growth. 

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1. Can you see who views your Instagram reel?

No, you can’t see who views your IG reel. You can only see the total reel views Instagram. However, if you share your reel in your story, you can see who viewed your reel.

2. How to get Instagram reel views?

One of the effective ways to get an Instagram reel view count is to buy Instagram reel views from Expressfollowers or get free Instagram reel views to give your reel an instant boost to expand reach.

3. How are Instagram video views counted?   

 If a user watches your Instagram video longer than 3 seconds, Instagram counts it as a view on your video.

4. Does Instagram count reel views from stories?

If you share your reel in your Instagram story and your followers click the reel through your story and watch it, Instagram will count it as a reel view. However, if your followers only view your reel in your story and don’t click it to watch, your view count on the reel will not be increased.

5. Does Instagram count your own views multiple times?

If you view your own video for more than 3 seconds, Instagram will count it as a view. But if you don’t view your own video for more than 3 seconds, the view count will not go up.

6. Does rewatching an Instagram reel count as a view?

Reattaching an Instagram reel counts as views. However, if the same user rewatches a reel in a loop within a short time, it will not count as a view by the platform to prevent spamming.

7. How do I increase my reel views?

There are a lot of organic ways to get more Instagram reel views, such as creating quality content, collaborating with influencers, using relevant hashtags, and promoting your reels through ads to increase Insta reel view.

8. How to check views on Instagram reels

Open your Instagram app and go to the reel tab. You can see all the IG reels you have shared on your profile. You can see the number of total views on each reel at the bottom right corner of your reel.